About Us

Banner is an alternative asset manager focused on structuring, funding and managing quality private debt and equity transactions in Australian real estate.

We source and manage these opportunities on behalf of wholesale, high net worth and Institutional Investors.

Our success is built on:

Quality Transactions

Our deal origination team has deep networks within the Australian real estate development market, with many years of combined experience in sourcing and structuring capital solutions with quality project partners.


We have a proven track record of investing capital into the Australian real estate market. This has been achieved by utilising the combined skills and experience of our diverse team, consisting of global investment professionals and locally experienced providers of real estate
project capital.

Alignment of Interest

Investing our own funds into every project, we pride ourselves on alignment with the interests of our investors, with whom we invest alongside.

Our People

Our diverse team consisting of global investment professionals and locally experienced providers of real estate project capital bring a wealth of expertise to every opportunity.

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Founder & CEO

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Head of Investor Relations

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Chief Investment Officer

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Head of Legal and Compliance

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Head of Origination

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Investor Relations

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Our Capabilities

Banner provides real estate finance solutions across the capital spectrum in the form of senior debt, “stretch” senior and equity participation facilities to experienced, privately owned real estate groups within the Australian market.

We typically assist funding of medium and high-density townhouse and apartment development projects, land sub-divisions, commercial, industrial and retail assets through to completion.

We also provide senior debt and equity participation for strategic site acquisitions as a forerunner to development finance.

Banner strives to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns for investors while meeting the commercial needs of our project partners.

With the above in mind, Banner typically targets provision of facilities ranging between $10m - $100m+ on any one transaction, where they meet our strict asset selection criteria.

Banner Wholesale Fixed Interest Income Fund

Banner Wholesale Fixed Interest Income Fund is a registered fund designed to provide wholesale investors with the opportunity to invest in mortgages secured by specific properties within Australia. The investor’s return is fixed for each investment. Your investment is an asset specific sub-scheme and is not pooled with other investments across the fund.

Banner Ebisu Income Fund

The Banner Ebisu Income Fund is a pooled, managed investment scheme for wholesale investors. The Fund invests in the Banner Wholesale Fixed Interest Income Fund, mortgages and other forms of property-related debt. In a pooled scheme, the investor has a share of the fund’s assets but no interest in a specific asset. Investors are paid returns calculated across the fund’s investments.

Banner Real Estate Income Fund

The Banner Real Estate Income Fund is a wholesale fund established for institutional investors, structured as a unit trust. The fund provides unit holders with income returns by acquiring investments in Australian property mortgages.

Banner Opportunity Funds

The Banner Opportunity Funds invest debt and equity in property projects. The Opportunity Funds are established for specific investments. The term of the funds will usually be 3-5 years and up to 8 years for certain projects.