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Melbourne, 5 May 2021: 

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MELBOURNE, Australia, MAY. 5, 2021 Australian real estate credit fund manager Banner Asset Management has announced the launch of a new fund targeted at conservative investors who are seeking returns well in excess of cash rates:

The launch of the Fund is in keeping with Banner’s strategy of identifying dislocations between risk and return within the property and credit markets, and offering a product that will deliver that opportunity to its wholesale investors. 

The Banner (Low LVR) Income Fund provides investors with limited exposure to property values and property price fluctuations, through investing on a limited loan-to-value ratio (LVR) basis.

Highlights of the fund are:

  • Properties located on the major population centres of Australia’s east coast, which have greater underlying market depth and liquidity.
  • The loan amount advanced by the Fund, on each investment, is limited to 55% of the value of each security property.
  • Target return of 7% per annum (net to investor) paid semi-annually

Banner Asset Management Founder & CEO Andrew Turner said “In the current climate, many investors are wary of asset values and are seeking a more conservative investment option, but are seeking returns greater than conservative investments offer. With the limited exposure to property value of the Low LVR Fund, the investors risk concerns are addressed and returns achieved by the Fund are, in excess of returns for the level of exposure.”

To enhance the conservative approach the Banner Low LVR Fund, is a pooled investment, providing diversification as to property type, location and borrower, secured by a portfolio of first mortgage-backed investments in Australia. The predominant focus on the more liquid markets of Melbourne and Sydney.

About Banner Asset Management
Banner Asset Management is an alternative Australian asset manager specialising in the provision of debt & equity opportunities in the Australian real estate development market. Banner seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors while meeting the commercial needs of the market. The Banner Group has investment professionals and representative in Australia, Singapore and Japan. 


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