The Catalytic-Banner 1st Mortgage Fund has been established to allow for the efficient participation by Catalytic investors in the Australian based Banner Wholesale Fixed Interest Income Fund. The Fund’s purpose is to enable investors to capture the attractive risk-adjusted returns earned from investment in secured mortgage debt, supported by Australia’s strong economy and resilient property market.

The Fund is a sub-fund of Catalytic Funds VCC, and managed by Catalytic Funds Management Pte Ltd (licenced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore).

It was established in collaboration with Banner which, as the Australian asset manager, identifies and assesses potential investment opportunities, and manages the assets.

Demonstrating their collaboration, transparency and trust, Catalytic elected Banner CEO Andrew Turner, as a Director and Chairman of Catalytic Funds VCC. Banner has given Catalytic access to its investment committee and approval processes.

Catalytic may be contacted in Singapore on (65) 69081920 or its CEO emailed at:

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