22 September 2020

As metropolitan Melbourne enters a continued lockdown, we believe it’s important to communicate with our investors and stakeholders on how Banner is managing the pandemic.

As the pandemic has evolved, and the levels of restrictions increased across some jurisdictions, the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, colleagues and stakeholders continues to be our priority. We have established a very effective virtual office through working from home arrangements for our staff, which continue to be in effect. We are supporting our employees as they adjust to the new norm.

Strong leadership, continuity of operations, flexibility and regular communications are key to ensuring success. Our Fund’s projects have only experienced minimal COVID related delays, and on-site activity continues in accordance with expectations.

More than ever Banner is dedicated to safeguarding the financial wellbeing of our investors. We continue with our strategy of careful and considered investment, in response to the support and requirements of our investors. We believe that in the current environment there are many opportunities to access sound investments at good returns. 

Our resilience in this crisis is the product of hardworking staff and our culture of sustained success.

We will continue to update and communicate as we navigate through the COVID-19 environment.