The Banner Low LVR Income Fund is a pooled trust for investment by wholesale investors, paying monthly income. Investments by the fund are limited to no more than 55% of the assessed value of any property. With limited exposure to value of the security, the fund is less subject to property price fluctuations affecting an investment, while still achieving attractive risk-adjusted returns.

The Fund

What type of investment is this?

The Fund is an unregistered unit trust under Australian law. Investment in the Fund is limited to investors who are ‘wholesale investors’. 


What can the fund invest in?

The Fund will predominantly invest in an underlying security of registered first mortgages. The exposure of the Fund will be limited to investments of 55% of the value of each security property, as assessed by independent valuation. 

Key Terms
  • Target Return: 5% plus the 90 day BBSW as published by the ASX.
  • Distributions: Monthly.
  • Properties: Located on the east coast of Australia.
  • LVR Exposure: Limited to 55% of the property value.
  • Initial Investment Term: 6 months.
  • Minimum Investment: Applicants must make an initial investment of at least $500,000 (Subject to manager discretion).
  • Fund of Fund Investment: Allowed.
  • Currency: AUD
  • Investor Profile: Wholesale Clients seeking regular income.
  • Types of Investment: Fund of Fund and direct loans underlying security is a registered first mortgages supported by collateral securities.
  • Reports: Investors will receive monthly performance reports.

The key terms are not an exhaustive summary and you should read the Fund’s Information Memorandum before deciding to invest in the Fund.
*Targeted returns are targets only and may not be achieved and are not guaranteed.

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