Wealth & Finance International in their 2021 awards announces Banner Asset Management as the Best Australian Property Credit Fund 2021 (Banner Real Estate Income Fund)

International W&F 2021 Fund Awards – Banner Asset Management

As an alternative asset manager that concentrates on the establishment of debt and equity opportunities in the Australian real estate market, Banner Asset Management is a highly experienced business that fully understands investments and funds for a more stable and secure future. We look at Banner as it wins this Fund Award 2021.

Real estate funds and real estate investment trusts (REITs) all invest directly into property assets, and Mortgage Trusts extend loans that are fully secured by real estate. A REIT is a corporation, trust, or association that invests directly in income-producing real estate or mortgages, and are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). A real estate fund may have ownership of a collection of properties or individual commercial properties. Banner has the relevant skills needed to provide information to current and potential investors. It has a diverse background in the investment capital of the Australian real estate market that surpasses its competition. It is experienced in credit income funds and also direct property ownership. Its superior transactions are coupled with a well-established network within the real estate market. By having a team with a large amount of experience, Banner creates opportunity for excellent project partners and high-quality sourcing and structuring of capital solutions.

BREIF - Best Australian Property Credit Fund 2021

Banner was created to accept and manage external investor funds that invests capital across a range of real estate investment and commercial real estate  (“CRE”) debt opportunities. Teaming up with knowledgeable real estate groups, Banner continues to expand its network, and assets under management. Taking all economic updates, forecasts, market snapshots, industry trends, and growth projections into account, Banner produces its quarterly property reports that provides an in depth analysis of the Australian real estate market. Banner shows its customers the best way to invest in their assets via real estate and development opportunities. The private real estate groups that Banner works with all provide the investor with the chance to participate in the development of these assets. For a steady venture into CRE debt, Banner is the right business to turn to. Banner stays up to date with the credit fund trends on the housing and real estate market, which underpins its customers’ confidence in its overall asset management.

When it comes to investments, there is a spectrum of strategies that come under the commercial real estate credit fund umbrella. These strategies provide a range of risk profile and property type that a fund may invest into. For Banner, it deploys funds into the safer options such as senior loan funds which ultimately invest in progressive and healthy companies and projects. With relation to solid funds and safe investments, Banner does all of the leg work so that you can feel confident and sure that your investment is in the right place.

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